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Claim your tax rebate online – quickly, efficiently and at the best rates!

If you have lived and worked in the UK at any time in the last 5 years, you could be due a UK tax rebate of as much as £1250.  Simply complete the Online Tax Refund Form to get started with claiming your tax rebate online.

Once you’ve completed your Online Tax Refund Form, we’ll send you a Tax Rebate Pack – just let us know if you’d like to receive it via email, download or post.

Once you receive your Pack, sign all the pages marked with an “X” and fill in all your employment history details.

Then post your completed Tax Rebate Claim Pack to FREEPOST and include:

    • Original P45’s from each place of employment
    • Original P60’s from each financial year (or Original Statement of Earnings)

(If you cannot locate these documents, simply call us on 0808 141 2300 and we will attempt to find them on your behalf.)

Once we’ve received your completed Claim Pack, we will take care of the rest and your dedicated tax consultant will keep you regularly updated on the status of your claim!

Begin your Online Tax Refund Claim today, use the calculator alongside to calculate your refund or call us on 0808 141 2300 if you need any further information.


You have two options available to you

1. Use US as an Agency

• You’re guaranteed to get your refund • We ensure you receive all your money owed • We’ll argue for hours on the phone on your behalf • Hassle and Stress free simple process • We take care of all the admin • Your Refund paid to any country Use this agency to claim now >>

2. DIY direct through HMRC

• Long calls • Constantly chase them up • Complicated process • Your refund may not be accurate • You may not get your money • No commission Visit the HMRC (official tax office) >>

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